East London

The name of this EP is taken from the small South African town that Nightsong (previously known as DeepF1sh) was born in, East London. The lyrics to the song which repeat throughout ‘working in the moonlight, I’d sell my soul’ refer to when Nightsongspends most of his time on the music he loves so much: late at night, after the working day is done – after the 9-to-5 – and when family duties have finished. This song is about how hard it is to break through into the music industry no matter how good your product is. Even if you create a good song you’re not even one percent closer to your ultimate goal of making music a full-time career. #Relatable
Atdhe’s remix is a more obviously rhythmic version of the pensive original, undercut with acidic undertones. Very nice indeed.
All in all, a thoughtful, sensitive deep-house EP for Nightsongz’s debut release on DeepDownDirty.

Beatport: https://goo.gl/gQClyJ
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