You probably don’t know Roxie Webb yet, but 2017’s where that changes. Right from her first SoundCloud release a few years ago, her eclectic influences have meant there’s been a quirky but undeniable musicality about her work. Now, having caught the eye of DeepDownDirty, it’s time to showcase what she can do. “Forward” delivers a combination punch of rolling drums, with an extra slice of hype delivered by MC Tango Delta. As the first track on her first release, this is a huge statement of intent from this new producer. “Yeah” does things differently. This is where we see Roxie’s quirky influences really shine though. As samples are triggered and sequenced we can hear the experimental electronica approach in effect. Even then, it’s got those grimy sweeps of bass and emphatic drums that mean the rave hasn’t been forgotten. Whilst a producer could, perhaps, be forgiven for sounding slightly formulaic and derivative on their first release, this one has done nothing of the sort. Better pay attention.

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