DJ Coqui

This old-school house DJ became a producer/recording artist when the vinyl market started to fade. Coqui owned a local DJ record shop and DJ’d all over the city with
residencies such as his house night and disco night at Velvet in the heart of the down-town area.
Leaving the turntables to pursue his love of making music, Coqui has achieved global airplay with his remixes including tracks by Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse, The Art of Noise, Missy Elliott and more. He also produced two full length CDs for Atlanta-based artist EJ Aviance as well as his own full length-cd entitled ‘It is what it is’. Coqui has been in the industry since 1983 and worked in all the top clubs in Atlanta alongside the best DJs in the city. His love of disco and house carries through into his production work.