Governments on Crack

Governments on Crack (GOC) is a creative Techno act with influences of psy-Trance, DnB, Electro and House.

The basic idea is to bring cross-genre creativity back to Electronic Dance Music by painting outside the lines and simply letting the ideas flow. The producer behind GOC (William Freeman) has been involved in many different musical projects over the years allowing him to gain experience in the production and writing of music. GOC sees all of this multi-genre experience coming together to offer you a new journey into the world of sound and grooves.

After a few free releases and finding his place in the contemporary world of music, Governments on Crack has accepted an offer to work with Deep Down Dirty in order to help him get his sound out to true music lovers, rather than being pigeon-holed and artistically repressed in the name of sellin tracks. Although, it may seem like our Governments are on crack and society can’t go any crazier, the world is still a beautiful place full of emotion and feeling, which is often best expressed through art and, in his mind, especially through music.