Nysor is an enduring powerhouse in the USA West Coast DNB scene and a Las Vegas native. He has flown under the radar for quite some time but is a legend in the local drum and bass scene. Nysor has a well-defined style behind the decks; technically proficient and building crowd-pleasing sets incorporating his own productions and remixes. His serious attitude whilst performing stems from his dedication to his art and concentrating on his desire to ‘play to the crowd’.

Nysor started producing music in 2009 although music has always been a part of his life; he is a life-long pianist (starting lessons at the age of four) and has been a guitarist from the age of ten.
His opinion on the current state of EDM is that “It’s an ever-evolving vast creative compilation of artists and talent from all over; it’s always changing and has been evolving ever since I started listening and playing EDM. It is everyone’s responsibility to support this scene and it’s up to us to keep it positive for future generations to come. To keep it real and to keep it safe.’

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