13th February 2017

Another debut release from a producer whose electronic music is as diverse as it is emotive and atmospheric (but don’t think that means it compromises on bass – because it doesn’t!), today we released Higher from Chelle: three gorgeous electronic […]

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7th February 2017

Mystical, irresistible, the power of love is a curious thing and its multi-faceted nature is captured brilliantly in Sonic Construction’s Into My Arms; the sweetness, the sexiness, the darkness, the desire… it’s all irresistibly, undeniably there in this enticing electronica […]

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27th January 2017

Bringing you two upbeat house music tracks for Tribal Injection’s debut release on DeepDownDirty. The original mix is deliciously sexy, with a fast heartbeat of a bassline; the Dephunk remix has a more traditional house music feel – but both […]

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20th January 2017

Today we bring you, weaving its way through a banging techno beat and the deep rolling bass notes of a didgeridoo, ‘Worm’; underpinned by rhythmic percussion and a driving bass line, this is Seller Of Smoke’s second release on DeepDownDirty; […]

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13th January 2017

Out today in online stores, Rico Garcia’s In Flames brings you bitter-sweet vocal house with remixes by Ivan James and Anarkhand to take you deeper, featuring the vocals of Crystal Joilena. Traxsource: https://goo.gl/GMM4LK Juno Download: https://goo.gl/sy3I0y Amazon: http://amzn.eu/5JpoRek iTunes: https://goo.gl/1bO6KE […]

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6th January 2017

We’re all about embracing diversity at DeepDownDirty and we hope this shows in the creativity of our producers! Today we released music by Nicky Havey (breakbeat & electronica) and Sonic Construction (uplifting trance) who are both producers who like to […]

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