2nd June 2017

Roxie Webb, one of DeepDownDirty’s latest recruits, has already laid out the blueprint in her first EP. Now, it’s time for another journey through her diverse set of musical influences. “Closer to You” undercuts its melodic delicacy with a sense […]

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19th May 2017

Playfully flirty music is in Coqui Villalobos’ nature and this release is no exception! Summertime vibes abound in ‘Be The One’ and we have some serious sax action going on courtesy of the one and only Sax Man. And he’s […]

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12th May 2017

If you like your music deep, hypnotic and a little dark, Cruster is the man for you. ‘Numb’ is his debut release on DeepDownDirty and brings you a soul-searchingly, beautiful, acid-tinged original mix from Cruster himself coupled with a progressively […]

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5th May 2017

DeepDownDirty is delighted to present this epic, cinematic musical work from Audio Spectro; Dream commands that you sit down and take in the view; we recommend that you switch off from life and give this musical journey your full attention. […]

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14th April 2017

Today we released not just one but two dangerously, deliciously banging doses of drum and bass into the online stores! The first was from Roxie Webb: “Forward” delivers a combination punch of rolling drums, with an extra slice of hype […]

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